October 2011 - Wesleyan University Press announces the publication, in fall 2011, of a special centenary edition of Hyam Plutzik’s critically acclaimed collection, Apples from Shinar, which was his second complete collection.

Originally published in 1959 as a part of Wesleyan’s newly minted poetry series, the collection includes “The Shepherd”—a section of the book-length poem “Horatio,” which earned Plutzik a finalist position for the Pulitzer Prize. “The love and the words and the simplicity” that mark Plutzik’s poetry, writes Philip Booth, “are all here [in Apples from Shinar], and the poems come peacefully, and wonderfully, alive.” With a previously unpublished foreword by Hyam Plutzik and a new afterword by David Scott Kastan, this edition marks the centenary of Plutzik’s birth and will introduce a new generation of readers to the work of one of the best mid-century American poets.