The Writer’s Room at The Betsy-South Beach offers emerging writers, artists and thought leaders a space to create, develop their craft, and share their work through community programs. While creators in wide ranging genres are invited and welcome to apply, the program reserves a special place for poets at all stages of their careers.

Visiting writers use a desk donated to The Betsy by the Hyam Plutzik Centennial Committee to commemorate the poet’s sojourn as a solider in Florida during the 1940’s on his way to war. Born 100 years ago, and a three-time Pulitzer Prize finalist before his death, Hyam Plutzik is the father of The Betsy Hotel owner, Jonathan Plutzik.

The Betsy is a South Beach hotel with a unique mission to foster community while providing a luxury hotel experience. Since The Writer’s Room opened in 2012, more than 200 working writers (and other creators) have stayed at The Betsy and engaged in community service programs.

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