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Letter from a Young Poet. Hartford: Watkinson Library at Trinity College, 2016. Foreword by Daniel Halpern. 110pp.


Poems in Periodicals

“Critique”, in Poets’ Column, New York Times Sunday Book Review, April 3, 1949 (Reprinted from Aspects of Proteus)

“The King of Aĩ”, New York Times Book Review, April 10, 1949

“Divisibility”, New York Times Book Review, April, 1949

“To Those Who Look Out”, New York Times Book Review, June 19, 1949

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“To My Daughter”, Beloit Poetry Journal, Spring 1951 (Rochester Review, Jan. 1960)

“Two Hearts and an Arrow”, Poetry-New York, II, 1950

“The Zero That is All”, “Because the Red Osier Dogwood”, Hopkins Review, Summer, 1951

“A Philosopher on a Mountain in Scythia”, “Value the Intermediate Splendor of Birds”, “The Priest Ekranath”, Epoch, Spring, 1952

“Genesis is Recurrent”, Furioso, Summer, 1952

“When I see Many Hills”, Prairie Schooner, Spring, 1952

“The Dance of the Triple Phoenix”, Prairie Schooner, Fall, 1952

“Paint This World if You Can”, Prairie Schooner, Winter, 1952

“Man and Tree”, The Yale Review, Summer, 1952

“The Road”, “Entry from the Account Book of the Last Romantic”, Prairie Schooner, Summer, 1953

“For T.S.E. Only”, American Scholar, Spring, 1955

“Of Objects Considered as Fortresses in a Baleful Space”; “Beware, Saunterer”; “In the 51st Year of That Century…”; “The Bass”; The Yale Review, Summer 1955 (“The Bass” was reprinted in New York Herald-Tribune, June 26, 1955; St. Louis Post-Dispatch, July 10, 1955)

“Beware, Saunterer, of this Desperado, a Mr. Bones, A Bad Actor”, The Yale Review, Summer, 1955

“And in the Fifty-First Year of the Century…”, The Yale Review, Summer, 1955

“Requiem for Edward Carrigh”, Antioch Review, Winter, 1955-56

“Jim Desterland”, New World Writing, Winter, 1956

“To the Painter Paul Klee”, The Nation, March 1, 1958

“A New Explanation of the Quietude and Talkativeness of Trees”, Saturday Review, October 4, 1958

“Consolations”, The Nation, December 20, 1958

“On the Airfield at Shipdham”, “The Belated Birds”, Voices, May-August, 1959

“The Shepherd”, (part VI of Horatio), Transatlantic Review, Summer, 1959

“On Some Birds of Svetozar Radekovitch”, “As the Great Horse Rots on the Hill, Homage to James Agee”, Furioso, Summer 1959

“Winter Never Mind Where”, Christian Science Monitor, Dec. 31, 1959 (Reprinted from Apples from Shinar)

“The Dream About Our Master, William Shakespeare”, Accent, Summer, 1959

“Carlus”, (from Horatio), The Yale Review, December, 1960

“Time and the Poem”, “The Lecture”, “On the Last Survivor”, “The Marriage”, Poetry, December 1960

“Concerning the Painting”, The Nation, April 22, 1961

“Next Time I Shall Not Burn the Beehive”, Kenyon Review, 1961

Poems In Anthologies

Fifteen Modern American Poets, ed. George P. Elliott. Rinehart, 1956:

  • “An Equation”
  • “The Begetting of Cain”
  • “On the Photograph of a Man I Never Saw”
  • “He Inspects His Armory”
  • “Divisibility”
  • “Mr. Pollington Remembers a Poet”
  • “Argumentum ad Hominem”
  • “Identity”
  • “My Sister”
  • “Exhortation to the Artists”
  • “For T.S.E. Only”
  • “The Road”
  • “Portrait”
  • “The Ostler” (“Horatio,” Part II)
  • “Faustus” (“Horatio,” Part III)

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  • “An Equation”
  • “The Begetting of Cain”

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  • “Attilio Semelle"

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  • “Jim Desterland”
  • “After Looking into a Book Belonging to my Great Grandfather, Eli Eliakim Plutzik”
  • “The Mythos of Samuel Huntsman”
  • “The Bass”
  • “The Zero that is All, Man and Tree”
  • “And in the 51st Year of that Century…”
  • “Of Objects Considered as Fortresses in a Baleful Space”
  • “Trio for Two Voices and A Woodwind”
  • “The Milkman”
  • “The King of Ai”
  • “Abner Bellow”
  • “The Chinaman and the Florentine”
  • “Dostoevski, Proust, and the Others”
  • “George Hobbs”
  • “Patterns of Earth”

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  • “The Priest Ekranath”

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  • “Carlus” excerpt from “Horatio”

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Indexes for Jewish, Biblical, and Ancient Near Eastern Literature, 2016:

  • “The Begetting of Cain”

Poem-a-Day: 365 Poems for Every Occasion, published by the Academy of American Poets, 2015:

  • "On Hearing That My Poems Were Being Studied in a Distant Place"

Essays, Stories, and Dramatic Works

“If Grammatical Slip Shows, Don’t Worry About It; English Profs Are Human”, Rochester Review, May 1956

“Creativity in Poetry”, Rochester Review, Jan./Feb., 1961

Critical Essay: “Theodore Roethke: The Journey to the Gold Stone.” Unpublished

Critical Essay: “W.H. Auden and the Einsteinian Awareness.” Unpublished

Tickletoby, a story for children, 25 MS pages, with songs. Unpublished

Jemmy, a story for children, 41 MS pages. Unpublished

Scoon, Nutney and Shake Well, a collection of 26 humorous sonnets, including“The Duck Stories” (3) for children. Unpublished

A Fellow of Infinite Jest, Short play. 23 pages. Unpublished

Mosaic on a Skull of Sir Thomas Browne. 43 pages. Unpublished

The Thirteen Locksmiths, a comedy. 155 pages. Unpublished


Musical Compositions

 Diversify the Abyss by Wayne Barlow

  •  “Instructions to an Architect”


Canto V by Samuel Adler

  • “The Importance of Poetry or the Coming Forth of Eternity Into Time” 
  • “If Causality is Impossible, Genesis is Recurrent”


An Equation by Roger Briggs


An Equation: Two Poems of Hyam Plutzik by Jeffery L. Briggs 

  • “An Equation"
  • “Jim Desterland”


Sprig of Lilac by Robert Cohen

  • “Sprig of Lilac”


Of Eternity as a Closed System by Robert Cohen

  • “Elegy”
  • “The Uneasy Hedonist”
  • “Connecticut Autumn”
  • “The Milkman”
  • “Shoeless Joe Jackson”
  •  “The Premonition”
  • “Of Eternity Considered as a Closed System”

References to the Poet and his Poems

In Breakthrough – A Treasury of Contemporary American Jewish Literature, ed. Irving Malin, Irwin Stack. McGraw Hill, 1963

In Norfolk at War: Wings of Friendship, by Frank Meeres. Amberley Publishing, 2014

"Hyam Plutzik Comes to Shipdham" In Norfolk Tales and Myths, 2018

"The Poisoned Gift: Wu Weishan's Statue of Marx in Trier" in The American Spectator, May 3, 2018

"Writing the Jewish Rust Belt" in Prosen People, blog of the Jewish Book Council, April 16, 2018


Yale University: Prize Poem (J.S. Cook Award for “The Three”), 1933

Yale University: Prize Poem (J.S. Cook Award for “Death at the Purple Rim”), 1941

National Institute of Arts and Letters: Award for accomplishment in lyric and narrative poetry. 1950

Aspects of Proteus selected as a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize 1961

Poetry Awards Prize: for a Book of Verse (now known as Borestone Award).

Shared award with Rolfe Humphries. 1951

University of Rochester Summer Faculty Fellowship for Creative Writing. 1954

Ford Foundation Faculty Fellowship for study of science as background to modern poetry 1954-1955.

University of Rochester Summer Faculty Fellowship for Creative Writing. 1954

University of Rochester Summer Faculty Fellowship for Creative Writing. 1958

Lillian Fairchild Award (Rochester) for Best Work of Imagination. 1959

Apples from Shinar selected as a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize 1960

Horatio selected as a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize 1961

The City of Rochester declares May 11, 2002, Hyam Plutzik Day in recognition of his contributions to the community. “Sprig of Lilac” is noted as the official poem of the Lilac Festival.


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