On October 15, 2011, Wesleyan University Press released a special centenary edition of Hyam Plutzik’s critically acclaimed collection, Apples from Shinar, which was his second complete collection.

Originally published in 1959 as a part of Wesleyan’s newly minted poetry series, Apples from Shinar is Plutzik's second complete collection, containing 32 lyric poems. The title refers to the Mesopotamian region where Jews had settled in ancient times. 

The collection includes “The Shepherd”—a section of the book-length poem “Horatio,” which earned Plutzik a finalist position for the Pulitzer Prize. “The love and the words and the simplicity” that mark Plutzik’s poetry, writes Philip Booth, “are all here [in Apples from Shinar], and the poems come peacefully, and wonderfully, alive.” With a previously unpublished foreword by Hyam Plutzik and a new afterword by David Scott Kastan, the 2011 edition marks the centenary of Plutzik’s birth and will introduce a new generation of readers to the work of one of the best mid-century American poets.

Apples from Shinar was one of the finalists considered for the Pulitzer Prize in 1960.


Table of Contents

Because the Red Osier Dogwood

The Dream About our Master, William Shakespeare

To My Daughter

I am Disquieted When I see Many Hills

As the Great Horse Rots on the Hill

If Causality is Impossible, Genesis is Recurrent

The Old War

The Premonition

Jim Desterland

After Looking Into a Book Belonging to My Great-Grandfather, Eli Eliakim Plutzik

The Geese

The Mythos of Samuel Huntsman

Beware, Saunterer, of this Desperado, a Mr. Bones, a Bad Actor

The Airman Who Flew Over Shakespeare's England

The Priest Ekranath

I Imagined a Painter Painting Such a World

The Bass

The Importance of Poetry, or The Coming Forth From Eternity into Time

Winter, Never Mind Where

The Zero That Is All

For T.S.E. Only

A New Explanation of the Quietude and Talkativeness of Trees


Requiem for Edward Carrigh

And in the 51st Year of That Century, While My Brother Cried in the Trench, While my Enemy Glared from the Cave

Man and Tree

Of Objects Considered as Fortresses in a Baleful Space

A Philosopher on a Mountain in Scythia

Trio for Two Voices and a Woodwind

The Mythos of the Man from Enoch

The Milkman

The Last Fisherman